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Working Student Testimonials

Being part of the working student program at Stoney Lake Equestrian was an experience I would not want to miss. I felt warmly welcomed by Jaimey, Tina and their team and families. This clean and thoroughly organized stable taught me a lot more than just horse care and good riding skills. More patience, stamina and self-confidence were only a couple of strengthened qualities I took back home to Germany with me. I can only recommend this opportunity to learn from some of the best Canadian riders!

— Janika Bratvogel

I first met Jaimey and Tina in 2006 when I sent my pony Ali Baba in full training at Stoney Lake Equestrian. They taught me a lot on Ali, from the very basis of a proper seat to the A-B-C of shoulder-ins. We however decided it was time for me to go from ponies to horses. We then bought my horse Eddie. After my first summer as a student of Jaimey and Tina with Ali Baba, I spent two summers as a working student for them with my horse Eddie.

At Stoney Lake Equestrian, I learned Jaimey and Tina’s training philosophy, which convinced me I was in the right team to learn and succeed in a nice environment. One of the important things I learned was rigorous work at all times. What you do, you do at your best, even if it is about stretching your horse after a work session. On the technical side, everything I was told about rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection made sense, and that among the great variety of exercises we’d do on our every day training program. The result obtained was not only an efficient improvement of my riding, but also an enhancement of my capacity to ride on my own and know what to look for when working a horse.

Beside riding, being a working student for Jaimey and Tina was a great experience. I got to see the back scene of the high level dressage ring and I met a friendly and dynamic team. Work has always been a pleasure as I kept learning even at the barn work and as Jaimey and Tina have always been grateful to me.

To any young rider who’d like to live an experience that will positively leave its mark on their life, I’d recommend to go say hi to Jaimey and Tina. Whether it is to find a horse, reach higher levels or simply discover the dressage world, they will for sure give their 200% to help you reach your goals.

Thank you Jaimey, Thank you Tina.

— Camille Fréchette


For details on Stoney Lake Equestrian's working student program, please check out the Training Page.