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— New video testimonials


freddy-trot-tall-small.jpgI remember the day I saw the ad for KRS Frederik, the day before I had just finished telling my trainer Jodie, that I was not in the market for a horse at the time. I had just recently gotten back into riding full time and was working on finishing my “old man” to Grand Prix, and thought that it would be another couple of years before I looked at buying another prospect. The very next day, she came to me with this ad for a little bay horse with four white socks and all I could say was “well let’s make a call, it’s not like we have to buy.” Famous last words.

From the very first conversation with Jaimey and Tina I discovered that they were friendly, helpful, and most importantly honest and truly caring about the horses they represent. Within a week, Jodie and I flew up to Jaimey and Tina’s beautiful facility. The entire trip turned out to be an unbelievable pleasant suprise. Not only did Jaimey and Tina go out of their way to make us feel welcome and cared for at their beautiful resort, we ended up seeing some of the best cared for, happy, well ridden horses that I have ever seen when looking for horses to buy. They even went out of their way to take us to neighboring farms to see other horses that they thought might interest us. If we could have, we would have come home with all of the horses that Jaimey and Tina showed us! Alas, we came home with only Frederik. To this day I recommend to all of my friends, and even strangers, who are looking to buy a horse, to first take a look at Jaimey and Tina’s selection of quality horses.


Thanks again Jaimey and Tina for a truly wonderful experience!

P.S. We couldn’t be happier with our not so little anymore Frederik who has won high point in all the show’s he’s been in so far this year! Here are a couple of pictures of Frederik in his first show.

— Teresa Chang, California


I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have us in locating and buying Nero. Travelling with a small child on a horse buying trip isn’t the easiest thing to do - especially during the snowy season. Having you and Tina work out all the logistics was a real luxury and so was staying at the Inn!

We are so glad to have Nero! To think that we almost passed him over. Your intuition was right; he is the right horse for what we want to do. Nero is now back home with us in Vancouver after spending the winter training in Arizona and showing in California. Everyone who sees him notices what a wonderful temperment he has. Earlier this year he was in some clinics with Stefan Peters who said that Nero is very talented. We feel very lucky to have him and I’m looking forward to riding him myself now that he is home!

— Susan Wong, Coquitlam BC


Jaimey and Tina are most enthusiastic and supportive horse trainers and coaches; both are committed to improving their sport and looking after their clients needs.

I started training with Jaimey 4 years ago as a (very) mature and recreational student with little dressage experience and a willing but limited TB mount. Over time and without pressure I learned enough from Jaimey to realize that if I was at all serious about dressage, I needed to find a horse that had the scope and talent to allow me to compete.
Without Jaimey’s patient guidance I would have bought many a horse…, but we finally found the right one, Darshan a 4 year old Oldenburg. I probably would have needed to buy a schoolmaster not a green horse but we had to work within the budget. So Darshan spends some time at Stoney Lake Equestrian “Camp” where he gets excellent care and training and I get to practise a few of the more involved moves on Jaimey’s schoolmaster Waldano.

Darshan’s first season at Training level was very succesful. I am looking forward to another fun filled and well supported show season in 2007 with the Stoney Lake Equestrians Jaimey and Tina.

— Bille von Roeder


Buying any new horse can be a fun but challenging time. As a new immigrant to Canada I did not have access to a network of trusted contacts, built up over years of dressage involvement, that I could rely on. In 2006 I decided to buy a young horse that I could bring on from scratch. While surfing the web trying to find a suitable horse in my price range, I came across an advertisement for a 3 year old Canadian Warmblood, which was to lead me to two people that at that time, were unknown to me, Jaimey and Tina.

Who you buy from is almost as important as the horse itself. My initial enquiring emails were answered promptly and professionally and I arranged to meet with them to see the horse in the next few days. They had arranged for the breeder to be present and have the horse available to me when I arrived. Tina and Jaimey were punctual and spent as much time with me as I needed, answering all my questions and offering valuable opinion and input. I did not feel pressurized to hurry my visit or make a decision straight away. The horse was presented beautifully and shown to me in his stable, on the lunge and then ridden. I was also given the opportunity to ride him. I knew straight away that I was lucky to have found my new horse. He was everything that Tina had initially described to me. He had a fantastic mind and accepted everything that was asked of him (and still does). I was very impressed how well behaved he was at only 3 years old.

Following the agreement to buy the horse, Tina and Jaimey continued to be supportive and arranged at my request, a local, impartial vet to do a pre-sale vetting for me, due to the distance that my vet would have had to travel to perform it. They were both constantly in touch with me to ensure I was aware of what was happening with the vetting.

My purchase was handled efficiently, professionally and problem free. I received a Sales Contract and all ownership papers promptly and Tina and Jaimey even assisted in finding transport to ship my horse to me.

I would definitely buy a horse from them again and would highly recommend the experience to anyone thinking of doing the same. Thank you both for looking after my interests during the purchase of my wonderful new horse.

— Theresa White


When we were looking for an excellent young professional with the skills and temperament to work with our 4 year old, we thought immediately of Jaimey Irwin. He and his wife, Tina, run a very good operation. KRS Frederik was well handled and schooled in the right way. The result was a sale to a top barn in the U.S. We never hesitate to recommend Jaimey.

— Joanna Crilly & Joan Johnston, Kars Riding School


For almost 2 years now we have trained with Stoney Lake Equestrian. We are grateful for their knowledge and dedication to us. Tina and Jaimey are a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in the dressage industry. We look forward to future success under their tutelage.

— Nancy Thompson & Miranda Thompson-Trudeau, Cause For Applause Farm


I have known and periodically dealt with Jaimey Irwin in the horse business over the past 9 years. My dealings with him have always been of a professional and positive nature.

When the time came for me to sell my Trakehner mare “Taenzerin”, aka Bugsy, I decided that the Irwins would be the best people to help me market and sell the horse.

Both Tina and Jaimey did a wonderful job, training, competing and getting the mare ready to sell. At all times they conducted themselves very professional, were always very kind to the horse and the animal’s well being was always a priority for them.

The actual sale of the horse went very smoothly and throughout both Jaimey and Tina were always very honest and straight forward with me and the buyer.

Both have very good work ethics and are honest and hard working, knowledgable, horse people. Personally I would highly recommend Tina & Jaimey Irwin to anyone looking for a professional, caring trainer and coach.

— Chris von Gartzen


We were extremely impressed with the service that we received at Stoney Lake Equestrian. Jaimey and Tina Irwin were nothing but honest and professional. We were continuously updated on the progress of our horse’s training, and could not have been happier with the end result. Our horse was sold to a wonderful new home and is now enjoying a successful showing career.

— Peggy and Katie Torrance


In the short time in riding with Tina, I have learned more than all my years of riding put together. She trains horse as well as rider. The rider being the most important, and the proof of that is in the horse’s way of going.
Your horse will thank you for it!

— Eileen Rawson